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"Bringing Over 2,000 High Schools and 25,000 Business People Together!"

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We have been bringing High Schools and their local business adv.sponsors together with fund raiser/spirit items at over 2,000 High Schools across the country and over 25,000 business people.

Whether you are a national corp.,local franchise or small localized business it's essential to be constantly keeping your name and offering your products and services to the general public. That's exactly what having your company represented on fund raiser/spirit items at High School sporting events achieve.
Ever wonder why the same companies advertise over & over even though we are aware of their products & services? We live in an advertised world and it's an imperative necessity to maintaining & growing your business.Someone once said "Advertising doesn't cost,it pays! 

The support for the high school is priceless & appreciated when the business community get involved in their events.Support is something they never get enough of. We can help with special promotional ideas to help make your items hit a home run for you. Our qualified personal will be happy to discuss any ideas or questions you may have regarding this special advertising media. See you at the Games!