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Delivery: National High School Printing Assn (NATHSPA) will deliver the printed items to the indicated high School with in 30-45 days after payment is made and art work is approved.Customer is responsible for any printing errors after proof is accepted by customer.Nat HS Print Assn. will do its best to catch common spelling errors commonly made but the final responsibility remains with the customer.

Acceptance of Ad Copy Proof: We will e-mail, fax or mail proof by customers method of choice with 48 hrs to respond for any changes.  Proofs that receive no response after 48 hrs will be considered accepted in their current form and will be printed as such.

Cancellations:  NATHSPA will telephone verify each & every order before any work can begin.All verification will be done for each & every order and will not proceed until such call is completed and confirmed by the customer who's name appears on the order. No secondary party may verify or confirm an order.All Verification confirmations are recorded for future playback if necessary.No order may be canceled after order is confirmed through the verification process. No exceptions please.The verification call is the time to cancel if necessary.

Payments: All payments are made in advance of the start of the promotion campaign unless other arrangements have been made. Payment may be made through any major credit/debit card as well as Check by Phone or prepayment by Cashiers Check,Money Order or standard bank check.Your order will not proceed without payment received at our location address contained herein unless other arrangements have been made. No partial payments can be accepted,only payments in full.

Art Copy: NATHSPA. can provide art work,& font style lettering of all types free of charge, however art copy termed"Custom" will incur special art charges billed @ 40.00 per hour. "custom" Art copy in vector format that can be used in it's complete form and an acceptable file type will not incur any "custom" art charges. You may submit copy prior to confirming order to clarify the status of your "custom" art copy. All art copy will be printed in the same color as the HS name & mascot to follow the schools color scheme.

School Delivery: NATHSPA will deliver by way of common carrier to the High School  address of record and to the attn of the cheer coach or they can be sent directly to the customer for distribution as the customer sees fit. Products printed are the sole ownership of the customer until delivered to the school. In the unlikely event of a return order we will contact the cheer coach on behalf of the customer and re-ship if necessary.All shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. Delivery conformation is available upon request.

Dispute & Resolutions: Any disputes will be limited to the amount paid by customer and NATHSPA will be held harmless in any and all liabilities arising from use of said merchandise.Any neglectful use of said merchandise is the sole responsibility of the party executing its distribution.
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