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Perfect for holding popcorn & other snacks when the optional cap is included. Perfect for any event where popcorn or peanuts are sold. The optional lid may also be added so as to completely seal the megaphone & make it a container. Recipients keep them and reuse them year round, constantly being reminded of the great time they had at the event. Schools and youth organizations use them as fundraisers at football, basketball and baseball games, or at any event.   All orders, including any assortment of colors or inclusion of caps and/or lids, must be in increments of 25.
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Keep warm on those cool game nights and show your school spirit in a blaze of glory so everyone can see you support your team! Made of poly cotton colorfast material and machine washable. Sizes sm-xl.
Stadium Cushions
Made of durable 10 mil vinyl, these seat cushions are easy to care for and easy to carry. Comes in a variety of colors . Each cushion comes with its own convenient, built-in tote handle. Guaranteed to soften the most intense moments of that high school game.
A High School sport staple since the beginning of High School itself. This is an item no High School can be with out.Comes in a wide variety of colors under the sun.Nothing spreads the school name and promotes the school events better than the sport T-shirt.Everybody has them and everybody wears them.Might as well show your support for the team at the same time! Cotton/poly blend and all sizes from sm-xl. Schools never get enough of these!
Can Drink Coolers
The can drink coolers keep your drink colder longer! Also feels better in your hand to boot. These poly foam coolers show school spirit and make an easy throw up in the stands every time the team scores. Cheer leaders can't throw enough of them. Keeps the school spirit going long after the game is over! Made of high density poly foam with a polyester outer shell fused over the foam.Comes in all the popular school colors.
These colorful bandanas show your school spirit & support for your High School's team! Comes in most school colors and useful all year long either at the games or away.Let them know who you support Made of 100% micro-polyester which absorbs 10% more moisture, dries 30% faster, has 50% more thread-counts, is double color fast, much softer, much less shrinkage and much less wrinkle than others.Size 22' x 22" Hem Stitched 4 edges Hand wash cold.
Fleece Stadium Throws
These Fleece Throws are a full 50 in.X 60 in. Available in most school colors. Perfect for those cooler evenings at the games to keep you extra warm from top to bottom while showing your support for the team! Your sure to stand out displaying your team's colors while keeping toasty warm at the same time! Made of 100% poly fiber for lite weight extra strength, durability & color fast as well.Whip Stitched edges. Comes in:

Royal Blue
Forest Green
Frisbee Style Flyers
A full 9 1/4" regulation size flyer. These flyers get the school spirit going to new heights. They fly here,They fly there.They fly everywhere! No one can't pitch a flyer.Even dogs have been taught to catch one. Another spirit item that lives on after the game is over.What would a picnic be without one! These flyers meet the FDA standards for food contact safety. They are the only flyers in the industry that have passed safety testing for children AND pets.
Stadium Cups
These 16 oz.souvenir stadium cups make a common staple at all the sporting events where concession stand drinks are available.Drink sales will double when it comes in the school colors.Re-usable straws & lids also available.Great reusable souvenir after the game to remind you of the team victory! Made of dishwasher safe material and can be used for pop corn sales,or cheer leader fund raisers filled with snacks & cello wrapped & tied. So drink up to the teams ultimate victory! Comes in most school colors.
Water Bottle Coolers
The Foam Bottle Cooler with Drawstring and Hook Snap is 4MM Thick and has laminated cloth on the inside and outside. Coolers are 6 1/2″ tall.These reusable coolers will show your school spirit at or away from thr games for years to come. Nobody these days doesn't drink bottled water.Feels good in the hand and keeps it colder longer!
Colors: Black, Royal Blue, Red, Dark Green, Purple, Yellow, Navy, Lime Green, Neon Orange, & Camouflage
Rally Towels
Wave your team to victory with the ever popular rally towels! Anyone can do it and everybody does it! You'll stand out in any crowd! Best part is they can be used to decorate your bedroom wall or get a pair & decorate your towel holder to show your never ending support for your school! Size is 11" x 18" 100% cotton w/Hemmed edges.