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"Bringing Over 2,000 High Schools and 25,000 Business People Together!"
The National High School Printing Association currently prints T-shirts, Folding Can Coolers, Folding Spirit Flyers, Frisbee Flyers, Concession Souvenir Stadium Cups and other Spirit Items.that are given to High School Cheer Coaches absolutely FREE of any charge.

These are used in Fundraising, as well as Spirit items through distribution at Football and other sporting events held at the High Schools. The High School Name and Mascot dominate the selected item with appropriate advertising space reserved for the business sponsor. The High School Cheer Coaches love getting the free merchandise and the advertiser receives media at a nominal cost.

ROI (return on investment) has been considered a cost effective way of reaching a multi cross section of potential new customers.  It shows your local business support for the school, promoting good will for your business and helps your local High Schools!

We do all art work for the intended advertising campaign and supply proofs.  We have supplied spirit/fundraising promotional items for over 2,000 High Schools through the sponsorship of local businesses, all FREE of charge to the High School.  This creates a incredible impact savings to the budgets of the High Schools sports programs and provides quality cost effective media for the local business.  It's truly a win-win for the High School and the participating business.

Contact  one of our representatives to discuss the High Schools you may be interested in supporting
Program costs as low as $249.95.
Call 1-800-256-9188 or e-mail goteam@nathspa.com and lets get started!!
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